Happy are those who trust in Him for their protection
Psalm 2:12b

Why do I continally forget you Jesus?
Why do I seek what I cannot find in anyone other than you?
I veer off course so easily
My rebellious nature surfaces again and again

Why do I follow the crowd away from you Jesus?
Swayed by fools gold and empty pleasures
Too quick to build on shifting sands
Wisdom tossed away for temporary folly

All I need to do is trust in you
Daily, prayerfully, seek your counsel
I have evidence that you are guiding me
Proof that you are always with me 

Jesus, you are my rock and my shepherd
Pursuing me even after I wandered away 
When I put my faith in you I know
I am safe. I am protected!

One thought on “Protected

  1. Thank you for this great reminder to be continually trusting God for our protection, for everything. Why do we think we can do anything better on our own?! Trust seems plain and simple. Let us be as little children, fully trusting (and never doubting) our Heavenly Father for all that we need.

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