To The Lord, On His Holy Mountain

To The Lord, On His Holy Mountain

Lord, who is worthy of your love, your grace?
Not me, in all my selfish, foolish thoughts
So many dark memories of past wrongs
Never living up to your glory

Yet, there is hope for me, for all of us
See here, moments of unrighteous changed 
Men and women pursued by grace
Stony hearts made soft by your touch

Moses and a bush of flames
Paul and the Damascus road
The adulteress and dropped stones
Peter and the One who walks on water

Lord, your ways are like no other
You lift the fallen to great works
You embolden the meek to speak truth
Your grace is sufficient, your forgiveness eternal

I need to trust and believe 
Your love for me is deep and lasting
Cling to the security you bring
Soak in the joys of your presence

To live is knowing where I go, you are there
To die is coming into your presence forever
My heart and voice sing in praise
To the Lord, on top of His Holy mountain

Psalm 15 and Psalm 16