Happy are those who trust in Him for their protection
Psalm 2:12b

Why do I continally forget you Jesus?
Why do I seek what I cannot find in anyone other than you?
I veer off course so easily
My rebellious nature surfaces again and again

Why do I follow the crowd away from you Jesus?
Swayed by fools gold and empty pleasures
Too quick to build on shifting sands
Wisdom tossed away for temporary folly

All I need to do is trust in you
Daily, prayerfully, seek your counsel
I have evidence that you are guiding me
Proof that you are always with me 

Jesus, you are my rock and my shepherd
Pursuing me even after I wandered away 
When I put my faith in you I know
I am safe. I am protected!

He Heard My Voice

He Heard My Voice

In childhood innocence
Committing to memory and heart
God-breathed inspired truth
Jesus, the Word who lived among us

Blessed with sensitivity 
Love of words and song
Music enriched beginnings
Jesus loves me and all the little children

In youth, hands raised up
Heart longing for meaning
Tearful cries for love, acceptance
Jesus, rock on shifting sand

In sorrow, songs bring peace
With pain, the Word remembered
Filling heart with hope
Jesus, the way, the truth, the life

With time, forgiveness needed, freely given
Sustaining amazing grace and love
Songs of tears, joy, and worship
Jesus, be my everything

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; 
he heard my cry for mercy. 
Because he turned his ear to me, 
I will call on him as long as I live.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭116:1-2‬ ‭NIV‬‬



Naive, pure, honest, safe, loved
Wrenched to insecure, misunderstood
Sad, lost, searching 

Chosen love, security unfulfilled
Childhood lessons tried, yet faltered still
Alone, dejected, giving up

Grasping for faith, truth
Rejected, attacked
Desparate for relief, solace, peace

Escaped to the pointless, meaningless 
Confusion, anger, sadness
Dark thoughts, actions

Innocence lost, self worthless
Why Lord? 
What is the point?

Belief in mercy
Seeking grace
Aching to be found

Psalms 142

God’s love

God’s love

My story is so messy, so much darkness along the way.

Places I’ve been that I never dreamed life would take me.

Dark places and thoughts still linger in my memories.

Yet somehow Jesus saw me there, still loved me there.

He didn’t condemn me nor turn away.

He didn’t yank me out with an angry look or scold.

He lovingly touched my mind, reminded me of his love.

Through grace and patience, He drew me out, towards the light.

He taught me the deep abiding unfathomable gift of forgiveness.

He brought a mirror that didn’t reflect me in all my ugliness

But slowly brought into focus the beauty He had created.

Forever grateful, forever safe, forever loved.